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Shared Hosting is an entry-level type of web hosting where one physical server hosts multiple websites (and often hosts hundreds of users). Since each user gets (“shares”) a section of that individual server where they can host their website files, this keeps costs low. Here users share system resources on-demand, receiving a percentage of databases, disk space, CPU, RAM as well as email and FTP accounts. Other resources include the single MySQL server, Apache server, and mail server. Considered the most cost-effective option, Shared Hosting offers enough resources for any startup, local business, or personal website.

To turn your new Shared Hosting account into your personal website, simply follow these step-by-step instructions

cPanel is a control panel that acts as a separate account, designed for managing your Shared Hosting service on the server. You’ll be able to build your website with our Website Builder as well as upload and manage files, create email accounts, and check the stats of your sites — all in one place. Your cPanel login details are found in your Welcome Email

No, although all Namecheap Shared Hosting plans are hosted on a Solid-State Drive (SSD), which helps to enhance performance over traditional hard disk drives (HDD). SSDs also contain no moving mechanical parts, offering faster access time and low latency. Namecheap Stellar Business Hosting plans are, however, based on Cloud Storage. Here, traditional physical machines are converted to virtual machines (VM), running on a readily-available VM infrastructure.

Hosting Plan Specification

SL Fetures Description


1 Plan Features Disk Space


2 File (Inode) Limit


3 Bandwidth


4 Uptime


5 Hosted Domains


6 Parked Domains


7 Subdomains


8 Backups

Twice a Week

9 cPanel (Control Panel)

10 Website Builder

11 cPanel 2FA

12 Free Apps

100+ apps with 1-click install

13 FTP Users


14 Money-Back Guarantee

4w 2d

15 Email Features Email Accounts


16 Email Forwarders


17 Email Autoresponders


18 Webmail


20 SpamAssassin

21 Mailing Lists


22 Catch All Facility

23 SPF

24 Domain Keys

25 CSV Import (Email & Forwarders)

26 Spam Experts

27 Database Features MySQL Databases


28 PHP MyAdmin

29 Server Features Apache 2.X

30 PHP 5.2-5.6, 7.0-7.3

31 Node.JS 6, 8, 9

32 Python 2.7, 3.3-3.7

33 Ruby 1.8-2.5

34 MariaDB 10.X.X

35 CGI

36 Perl

37 Javascript

38 SSI

39 SSH Access (Jailed)

40 Control Panel Features Backup Manager

41 Virus Scanner

42 Google Apps

43 Hotlink Protection

44 Index Manager

45 Leech Protect

46 Mailman List Manager

47 Redirect Manager

48 Server Status Viewer

49 Change Language

50 Web Disk

51 Directory Privacy

52 Customizable php.ini

53 Cron Jobs

54 Simple DNS Zone Editor

55 Advanced DNS Zone Editor

56 Install PHP PEAR Packages

57 CodeGuard Backup

58 SSL/TLS Manager

59 SSL Host Installer

60 Namecheap SSL

61 Statistics AWStats

62 Raw Logs Statistics

63 Error Logs

64 Bandwidth Stats

65 Disk Usage Viewer

66 Latest Visitors

67 Resource Usage

68 Google Analytics Compatible

69 Scripts Softaculous Script Installer

70 Blogs

71 Portals/CMS

72 Customer Support

73 Discussion Boards

74 E-Commerce

75 FAQ

76 Hosting Billing

77 Image Galleries

78 Polls and Surveys

79 Project Management

80 Site Builders

81 Wiki

82 Support 24/7 Live Chat

83 24/7 Help Desk

84 Instant Setup

85 Transfer Assistance

1 Pricing 1 Month


2 1 Year


3 2 Years


4 US Datacenter


5 UK Datacenter